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We are very pleased to be able to pass along the article written by London based Ocean Equities Ltd. introducing North American Nickel. We are included, for the first time, in their Year Ahead Note.

Here is how they describe their Company; “Ocean Equities Ltd is an independent specialist mining and metals brokerage and investment bank focused on small to mid cap resource stocks globally. Ocean was founded in 2003 and has raised $1.5b for mining companies through that period. We apply our extensive experience by backing a very select group of the best mining and exploration companies and then promoting their development via institutional equity capital markets."  

This year Ocean has selected 27 companies from around the globe for their investment audience to consider. We are delighted to be included and look forward to meeting with them this spring.

Here is an excerpt from their one pager on NAN.

“Maniitsoq has some very attractive features, paramount of which is the scale of the project which has a mineralised footprint of over 1,000km2 known as the Greenland Norite Belt. The mineralisation is associated with norite intrusions (a coarse mafic intrusive rock, similar to a Gabbro) spread across the mineralised footprint giving North American Nickel an exploration focus. There are abundant signals in the area that there is a deep root to the intrusive bodies which include kimberlite dykes and a carbonatite. The most interesting aspect of the project is a theory about how it was formed. Geologists from the Danish and Greenland Geological Societies published a paper on the possible petrogenesis of the area and put forward a compelling case for Maniitsoq having been formed or reworked in the same way that the world-class Sudbury deposit was formed, through a meteorite impact."

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VMS owns ~21M shares of NAN