Dear VMS and Shareholders


I would like to make and apology for the posts I made under the username “nttg2005”

I had no intention to cause damage, humiliate, aggravate or inconvenience management, directors or shareholders.   I invested more than I should have, and my losses piled up.  I felt upset, angry and frustrated.  Instead of looking at my poor investing style “putting all my eggs in one basket” I looked for someone else to blame.   I made some poor judgment and foolish remarks that were inappropriate.  I took my frustration out on VMS management.  Any statements I made were my personal rants and not facts.  Looking back I failed to see that management is in the same boat as the investors when stock price has been hit this hard and they have their savings in it too. 

I have contacted VMS and provided my personal information and will work with them to find a solution to the dispute.