Let's see, Seth.  According to Dunlop, the very ownership of potentially valuable land (in the immediate vicinity of a new mine) is in question.  Clearly Dunlop wants the deal undone and ownership to revert back to him (despite all the money he has got in his pocket to prove the deal exists (but that is another matter)). 


While this bit of apparently duplicitous dealing is playing out in a lawsuit, the company's credibility and share price is under attack by an apparently orchestrated group. 


These guys do not come on here and bash like that without motive and I do not think their motive is one of altruism to help out the small investor.  Seems like a bald attempt to drive share price of a good company down.


For every seller there is a buyer and make no mistake, these guys are looking to create a buying opportunity.  And by the way, these people then dare to cloak themselves as defenders of Canada's Charter of Rights.  Tip for you guys:  the Charter was written to act as a shield--not a sword. 


Given these facts, would you not think it is a wise investment by the company to see who is behind this?  I am particularly interested in the fact that Tamaracker broke his silence under the circumstances he did, trying to piggyback onto a legitimate settlement.  


Glad to see VMS has remained silent on his supposed "apology" and continues in its' pursuit of these characters.