Dear VMS followers,

We wanted you to know that we are taking the issue of unwarranted personal and corporate attacks on the Bullboards very seriously. I’m heartened by the industry colleagues and shareholders who have taken the time to call and write in support of our efforts. Thank you.

Here is the first Bullboard poster’s apology.

Dear VMS & Shareholders,

Please accept this statement as my formal apology for the “posts” I made under the username “U3082014”.  

It was not my intention to cause any damage or inconvenience.  I am just “average joe” investor that was acting alone and out of frustration.  I owned 55,000 shares of VMS and was very upset with the lack of drilling results and the Dunlop Lawsuit and how it negatively affected the share price.  As I shareholder I thought I had the right to be critical of Management but in retrospect I can see that my comments “crossed the line”   I made some statements in haste and admittedly “jumped to conclusions”.   Upon reflection I believe that VMS’s management did not withhold any information and have handled the Dunlop Lawsuit in the best interests of VMS’s Shareholders.   Any statements I made in reference to this were made from speculation and not facts. 

I contacted VMS’s Legal Department on Sept.7/2012 with a letter of apology and provided them with my personal information and agreed to work with them to find a solution to the dispute.



The release below updates you on the other three. As you will read, we are pursuing them aggressively.

On the more important topic of VMS exploration, you can expect news on our winter drill plans for our 100% owned Reed East and Reed West properties next week.

Best regards,

Rick Mark
VMS Ventures Inc.

VMS owns ~21M shares of North American Nickel