Juniors get hit first in a volatile market.  How long has the market been volatile...since the end of 2008.  Why invest in VMS now when you can wait like a year and perhaps invest at below .30 and still make a profit when revenue is generated?  I would rather invest in a company that has action and frequent news.  VMS will have it's day but to ask why we are at a .52 week low?...seems obvious to me.


As for Tamer and U3...I really don't care.  I see bashers on every junior Board.  Yeah, great, I won't have to read their bs posts anymore but it doesn't affect the shareprice now and likely didn't affect it in the past.  If Tamer and U3 never existed what do you think we'd be at 40 or 50 cents? C'mon. 


If management is listening...how about providing us with a drilling program for the winter so we can get excited.  If not it's just as well to walk away and return in 52 weeks or so.  Cheers and Sip Sip ;)