Thank you U and Tammer for your contrite explanations.  I do accept your characterizations of the contents of the posts as accurate.  However, I am still very troubled by your explanations for your motivations.  Why a person who holds a long position would behave in such a destructive way?  


To dumb it down, Tammer:  when a tick of one cent is worth $2,000.00 to you, why would you be trying to sewer your holding?  


U308, same principle for you @ $550.00 per penny.  Seems you, especially, were revelling in trying to see the stock price fall.  


Given the explanations posed in these apologies, something just does not ring true.  The motivations for these posts has not been plausibly explained.  The timing just adds to my suspicions.  


I sincerely hope I am proven wrong with respect to my suspicions but that will not happen given the information we have here.