Yes,I feel I must also apologize for the foolish things I said  in those posts,under the user name Tamerackerdown,   Like U3082014 I to lost a lot of money in this investment  having over 200,000 shares,I became very frustrated, lashing out at management was totally uncalled for in my case as the reallity of it was and still is the market was not and still is not giving  the mining sector any credit, especially a Jr. like VMS who  will have an  mine in production in short order.I to made very uncalled for statements  which I'm very sorry for , I sincerely  hope VMS management  and shareholders will accept  my apology, It will never happen again, as you probably noticed I have not posted since this came to light, I have had a lot of time to reflect on  how stupid and  foolish my statements were.. Once again please accept my sincere aoplogy.---Tamerackerdown---