Dear VMS & Shareholders,


Please accept this statement  as my formal apology for the “posts” I made under the username “U3082014”.  


It was not my intention to cause any damage or inconvenience.  I am just “average joe” investor  that was acting alone and  out of frustration.  I owned 55,000 shares of VMS and was very upset with the lack of drilling results and the Dunlop Lawsuit and how it negatively  affected  the share price.  As I shareholder I thought I had the right to be critical of Management but in retrospect I can see that my comments “crossed the line”   I made some statements in haste and admittedly “jumped to conclusions”.   Upon reflection I believe that VMS’s management did not withhold  any  information  and have handled the Dunlop Lawsuit  in the best interests of VMS’s Shareholders.   Any statements I made in reference to this were made from speculation and not facts. 


I contacted VMS’s Legal Department on Sept.7/2012 with a letter of apology  and provided them with my personal information and agreed to work with them to find a solution to the dispute.