I fail to reconginze what legal standing whatsoever that Dunlop would or could have.  The discovery itself is on land VMS optioned from Hudbay, almost all of the mineralization within the resouce estimate is on the Hudbay option.  The portion that is not on the option is not on the Dunlop claims bought by VMS.  This mineralizatino is on open land that was part of VMS's exploration license not on the Dunlop claim. 


Why do people continue to post defamatory statements when VMS's seems to have made it very clear they will seek damages for such statments.  The group that continually posts lies and defamatory statements was the exact same group that claimed there would never be a mine and that Dunlop put the screws to VMS and they knew it to be true because they did not maintain an NSR royality for the claims they sold, implying all ground was worthless.