WEDGEDOG100, surely you jest!!  You know better than that.  As I stated five days ago (in response to your already-then deceptive post about the state of the market):  


... look at the VMS chart from Sept. 7, 2007 (the start of VMS' run) until today and laid the HBM chart over it.  Surprise surprise.  VMS up 12.11%.  HBM down 61.9%.  You can verify it on Google finance."

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Armed with those facts, why do you perpetuate this spin?  Speaking of spin, only a few days ago, you were whining about how your posts have been positive for so long and how hard done by you were by this board recently for simply asking a question.  How does that mesh with your newest story that you have supposedly known for some time about problems (that you will not specify and going back to 2007, no less!) yet you continued to hold your shares?  And only now you come out of the weeds with these "concerns"?  And you continue to hold?  


Right...  This all seems so very plausible to me.