What is very unfortunate is that all the share holders haved reaped what you guys sewed right from the very beginning. How did this discovery go from 1.50 all the way down to .18 ?

It was going backwards even through the summer of 2007 when times were good. We come from mining towns and when someone at the top starts spewing things that make no sense we speak our mines on SH.

Its called letting people beware of what is happening up here where we have coffee with the men that are developing your mine. We know the day of the water break or the day a new scoop tram shows up at the mine site. When you live in the action and the people that have the know how, you know when someone is being overpaid for knowing nothing or doing nothing with investors money.

So my question is why does VMS have an office in Snow Lake with zero people in it paying big bills and if HudBay is looking after your mine operations at Reed Lake, why do share holders pay for an office in Vancouver with people no one has ever seen in Snow Lake nor at the Reed mine site??

As an investor it seems we are now just funding these other money draining ventures like Continental Uranium, Harvest Gold and North American Nickel. It seems that very little is being spent on VMS properties that us share holders have invested in. So you ask a silly question on why we are hostile with the price at .18 cents  Your comments say it all. The big money investors dont have confidence in VMS's managment. End of story.