Yoda, that was my point of my previous post here...but, as CalifDream wrote....he's absolutely bang on here:


Simply an obscene abuse of the legal system. Nothing that tamerackerdown posted even remotely approaches defamation from my perspective. This is an investment site - that someone is unable to comment on their OPINION of management's competence (or obvious lack thereof) is beyond belief. The judge has his head firmly up his backside by granting such a request to reveal the poster's identity. I'd like the ability to sue management when they make outrageously misleading statements (as happens all the time), but they hide their sorry backsides behind "safe harbor" statements that exonerates them from even the most outrageous abuses.


It is laughable that a company where the share price has been decimated is now spending time tracking down somebody who offers derisive comments about managment's competence. If anything, management is simply proving what the poster was suggesting.