Wedge, I am not in disagreement with what you say at all.  I think management could be doing a better job and I'm also wondering why we haven't heard anything about upcoming drilling.  Wasn't HBM to spend x number of dollars on drilling this winter?  When will we know how far the deposit extends is another question?  I thought the installment of the ramp would allow further exploration of the deposit because I thought there was a possibility of it extending off in another direction?  My facts may be jumbled because I'm talking from memory here now. 

I'm still kicking myself for not selling in the .80's because I would have been up like $40,000.  I thought with VMS' 100 percent owned properties, we would have several drills turning, and maybe we will, but I thought we'd hear by now.  I don't see you as bashing as opposed to frustrated.  I think many people have walked away from this company and are waiting on the sidelines.  I am one of those people.  I have faith that VMS will eventually get bought out but not until production starts.  I'm involved in other venture stocks and it's been a rough ride for all of them for about 13 months.  Once I get my money out of some of them (hopefully at a profit) I am diverting my money into safer stocks.  I think the market will be volatile for several years while Europe, Japan, and the US figure their sheight out!  Anyway, good luck and keep is your right afterall.  Cheers