Dont know Newf. Your guess is as good as mine. This lawsuit could go either way. I was hoping my buddies could have brought home some new material from the show or a comforting word from managment but nothing. They said that they never even had a presentation showing what the new mine looks like for plans and everything. Wow! As a new producer this just blew me away. Sounds like a lot of people not doing their work. Lots of money spent on the top end.

My guess on why I get a lot of flack on here is based on these free loaders that have nothing better to do are protecting this info from getting out. I would say there about 4 of them that attack me right after I expose them. Oh but they will say they are not employees but they sure get riled up when someone calls them out on their bluff. If you and me were getting paid over 200G a year for doing nothing for 3/4 of a year I too would be watching the bull boards to check up on the latest gossip. For those that are not sure about this I would start doing some digging.

now for some good news. I stopped by the reed development the other day and the boys say things are going very smooth and are right on sched if not ahead. I have seen HB put these things into production faster then anyone in the business. But dont tell managment because they are still wondering if they have the road paved yet. LOL!  I say they have ore coming out of the ground way sooner then they thought. Again. Something that one would have heard from management at the show but they were on holidays somewhere.

If they get the lawsuit sorted and they are in production by summer then yes I would say the stock goes to .50 by next fall. If VMS gets some new managment then I will say 1.50 by next christmas.