WEDGEDOG, of course I am not happy with .18 and I would rather see it at $5.18 but that is down to market forces.  The market has beat up on the entire sector.


As a matter of fact, I just took a look at the VMS chart from Sept. 7, 2007 (the start of VMS' run) until today and laid the HBM chart over it.  Surprise surprise.  VMS up 12.11%.  HBM down 61.9%.  You can verify it on Google finance.


Some digging and some real and verifiable facts from you would be greatly appreciated by this shareholder.  Facts can be worked with and understood.  Rhetoric and nasty innuendo can't.  Don't really understand why someone who claims to be shareholder would be so reluctant to contact the company for answers.  


You know officers of a public company can get in trouble for not telling you the truth, don't you?  Would you rather take advice from an anonymous person on a bullboard before that of the company?   If you want the truth, you really should start with the company...