Wedge99, what do you expect to happen at this point in time?  Everyone knows what is to come and that's production.  We are in a lull right now.  To answer your question, I am not happy with .18 as sp but I got rid of all but 10,000 shares as of July 2012 or so.  My plan is to buy back significantly in March or before.  I think the lawsuit does have some people spooked, perhaps new investors?  However, I think money will flow back into VMS as we get closer to production.  A lot of people would consider investing in VMS to be dead money at this point in time.  I anticipate further drilling this winter but as I've stated before...until we get positive news releases nothing will move this stock because there will be no cashflow until the first quarter of 2014.  I think it's a great buying opportunity currently but expect to see .17 or slightly below before the new year, given tax loss selling, christmas wind down, and lack of news.  I do expect us to see a move up to .25-.30 or so if more drilling programs are planned but this move won't likely occur until march or so.  Many juniors have been beaten down in my opinion, and for VMS it is definitely in relation to the market sentiment, economy, lawsuit, and lack of news. I owned 160,000 shares in VMS a year ago at around .52.  I feel the same pain everyone else does but the only options you have are averaging down, waiting, or selling.  At this point in time selling is useless because most would be at a majot loss unless it's for tax purposes and then you see a slight return on losses.  If I free up the cash before this stock inches back up, I hope to end up with 100,000 shares before the summer.  It's certainly not going to drop much lower from here so there is more upside than down if you have patience.  Cheers