So we want to call it like we see it. Sounds good to me. So now that we know the true feelings how managment feels about their investors big or small then maybe it is time to let all investors know what VMS managment does their money? What do the big salaries that are paid out go towards?

I am getting the feeling we need to start getting some real answers. I am thinking more and more the reason they were not at the MB show is that they cant answer real questions, now that they are a producer, how is this money going to be spent. What does management do?

yes, this little investor does have money in VMS and now everyone knows how we really are treated even if we did call. I am starting to like this bullboard. At first I thought it was useless but lets all start digging here. Why is the investment world not liking VMS? I think there is some real answers that we need to find out.

I have a few people I can call. Why dont some of the other pro VMS do some digging. Before you start bashing my comments, do some digging yourself. Are you happy with .18 cents? There is more to it then just a lawsuit and the market. VMS through the boom in 2007-2008 was on a steady drop from 1.30 when other juniors were going through the roof. Something stinks?