Finally!! Thank you Flex!

Someone on this board that sees what I have been seeing over the last number of years. It is quite fine to spew a bunch of garbage on this board but as soon as someone is getting to close to what really is going on they sure jump on you like a pack of wolfs.

So what really goes on behind the scenes? I am pretty sure a nice travel suitcase set goes with that Hawaiian shirt. I am also sure there is a lawn bowling set in one corner and some horse shoes in the other.

Why would we come to Winnipeg in Nov when you can be in Florida hanging on the beaches with your pals sipping girly drinks.

Sounds like some DD does wake one up. Sounds like Howdy would rather have people phone then have one show up un-announced just in case one is out at his bowling club for the afternoon.

Always easy to have a few secretaries well versed on what lines to tell those small investors. Then spend some good invetor money on a waist of time writer called head of the herd. This is suppose to pass as keeping the investor well informed so that it does not tax the head offices time.

How about taking some time to come and talk in person to your investors that have put their hard earned cash into this company. I understand people got to shake David Garofaloes hand. If anyone has places to be it is a guy like David. That is pretty impressive he made it to the show. What makes VMS managment so special that they cant show us some respect?

The investors pay your salary my friend. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.