Thats easy.

I am positive their was no sign of managment at the Booth or the show

I am positive no one got a presentation of the latest and greatest of the Reed Lake Mine

I am positive there were more then one very upset share holder that got more info from Dunlop then VMS

I am positive there will be a follow up post from someone that uses very large letters

I am positive the share price of VMS has a better chance of going down after a dismal show

I am positive we will get a feeble attempt to repond to this from those that should be very ashamed

I am positive I will call a spade a spade and you guys really just screwed up big time

I am positive Dunlop talked to more of your faithfull share holders and have convinced them that VMS does not really care about their share holders.

I am positive if I phone the VMS office, they will convince me that VMS does not care about their share holders