Hello dear VMS share holders. I would like to interrupt this program for a speacial word from managment. we are very pleased if you can allow us to take this moment to show you our appreciation that you have been faithfull followers.

To to this you must be bent over first. Thank you! While your in this position let us show you how we are driving the decline into your portal for those that have been most faithful and waiting with baited breath on how exciting this is. Yes, yes I know you are most excited on this presentation and if you come to our booth it will be with great honour we can let a rep from NAN to help us with this. That is in between handing out a NR on the latest and greatest happenings on our NAN property. It's not really in Manitoba but you did not come for MB info did you??

Oh no, please, no standing ovation and I just got word we need to send the NAN rep out for more finger food in the back room. So if you can be so patient and when you get the chance after you get home to please, feel at anytime to give us a call and we could walk you through this presentation over the phone.

But please call between 4pm and 5pm as this is usually when we are back in from shopping or dinning or something like that. Yes, yes we are more then happy to accomodate you maybe, at this time.

If not I am sure it will be posted in the next Take it by  the Head of the Herd. They have such delightful insite that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. It has such great articles like, how to ease the pain with falling share prices. How not to be a proper raw, raw share holder. things that you dare not post.

And remember. We love you! or at least your money since I have another flight to Florida I have to book. Yes Winnipeg is way to cold this time of year. Can you please stop in at the Reed site the next time your by? It is always nice to get a twitter update on that thing they are building up there.