I do appreciate the heads ups on that. Here I am a faithfull raw raw VMS investor that watched my stock were I bought around the 50 cents mark while they were drilling off a mine and then I watch my stock go down to .18 cents.

I was just taking a stab out here that maybe I could get some of my buddies and fellow share holders to get some feed back on how the company is doing. You know? They have these special mining shows they put on called the MB mining show. I was told this is where mining companies like HudBay, Vale Inco, San Gold send their leaders to shake hands with the people that believe in their companies. They also get to showcase how amazing this thing is going to be. Not even a slide show of Reed Lake from neither HB as I guess they thought their partners would be given the greatest honour in mining to show their mine off.

You know. Small fries like me that put a sizable chunk of savings into a company we are over the moon about that have brought an incredible opportunity for work in the north. Its where there has been only a handful of companies in the history of MB that have ever done this.

Here i thought I was going to get glowing reports from the managment giving their share holders a rally talk and comfort that this is history in the making. You know, stuff that companies do for the share holders that pay for their jobs and allow them to explore for more mines.

You now give us a huge insult by telling me I am a looser for even thinking this was a classy operation. Wow!! This is the first junior in 30 years to be a part of a new mine.

No presentation, no chance of shaking hands and asking are we okay with the shares down to .18 cents, no comfort that you have this lawsuit well in hand. Not even the decency to have the one time in a year to say thanks to your supporters.

You have the nerve that if we want maybe, just maybe a piece of your time we can call the office??? ESCUSE ME FOR BEING A VMS SHARE HOLDER!!!! You let Dunlop the snakes out class you in every way. I am not even sure if i am even on the planet never mind the right board.

I was told their was only one rep that was at your booth. I was told she was from the North American Nickel company. WOW! A historical event in mining history and you send a rep from one of your other garbage companies to thank investors for their interest in ANOTHER company?? Are you guys for real??


If have an uncanny way of ticking off your only fans. please expand on your wisdom. I cant wait to get the next post.

Have a great day, who ever you are!!