you all must have seen how long they are. Just the sale of a small Business (such was in my case) I was aked by my Lawyer, do you want the short Version or Long. So I went for the short one.  29 Pages in all. Now how many people exept Lawyers read this one from start to finish ?  Maybe just maybe the Dunlops have a smart ONE on retainer and their or some Clauses in there that the VMS  TEAM overlooked. Just a guess on my part. And one thing I am sure of  is that their  Doc. has more then 29 Pages.  There is more to that Story then meets the eye. Surley the Dunlops cant be that stupid. As far as Rick is concerned , it would be nice to see THE MAN in person at such a EVENT after all who can instill confidents in their own Company then the CEO himself.