I must admit, I've never seen you post here before, but I'm always open to new and different opinions.  I would hope that the VIV board doesn't digress into what some other boards have become, meaning filled with moronic chatter instead of worthwhile comments.

You mention that Purina is now in "the space".  Well, they actually have been "in the space" for years, as has Teva, Bayer, and a number of other players.  Having been a dog owner for over 30 years, I've tried and used countless products over the years for my dogs as they began to age, the vast majority of which did nothing, and the ones that did work, well, the difference was negligable.  However, that all changed when I first tried Chemaphor's (now Avivagen's) products.  After passing along that info to friends with dogs, they tried it as well with the same results. However, as most readers of this board know, that's just the tip of the iceberg for VIV, given it's applications for animal feed and the blue sky potential in the Human Wellness market.  Of course, this has all been backed up with studies and patients. 

But I am ALWAYS looking for new, substantiated information on the subject; that's the best way (in my opinion) to enhance one's Due Diligence.  So Baggie4life, I was wondering if you might be able to give me the name of Purina's product (or any other manufacturer's for that matter) which you believe does what VIV's does, as well as the significant trials and awarded patents.  Thanks very much for your help.