LOL! I warned you poor little saggy would be back! Hahaha! I swear this guy must have the most pathetic life!...He sure is entertaining though!......Funny how he tells the board he won't be investing...but comes back to bash. Aaaaah saggy, you make me laugh......of course it's easy to laugh when I've made money on some of the stocks you claim are horrible investments. For your sake buddy, I sure hope you get paid for your time...cause your bashing doesn't seem to do squat!! LOL.


I have completed my due diligence



A couple of huge players in this space.  Not a lot of room in the sandbox for a tiny venture company to play in.   I have spoken to a good friend who happens to own a clinic.  He tells me that Vets, breeders and livestock folks  usually  stick to the major players with multiple sku's.  The name is everything in this game.   I will not touch this stock.  There is no way I would buy this stock.   I would imagine more dilution could be imminent.  And for that reason and many other, I am not a buyer nor would I be.