For VIV, granted it is a slow grower it does keep pushing forward. With any junior comes the need for money and maybe they will do a PP I don't know but they always seem to advance the company slowly but surely. Updates on the US sales would be nice and a little info if it's expanding or not. This will reamain a slow grower is my guess, been that way all along but this year could be a turning point for the company.


The Bovine study waits in the wings, this could be very good news or not, we'll find out. Advancing this study to the next step would be a positive. Start to supply the cat market as well as continue to supply the dog market, growth is key slow or not and so far (once the second order is final) they have grown very very slowly. Been some time since news so it all adds up to some kind of news release soon, volume and price up ahead of said news.