From the OPEL board..LOL!...Saggy4wife sure knows a lot of people in a lot of industries!Baggie4life01/19/2013 2:37:08 PM | | 45 reads | Post #32046684 Rate thisclarity 1 clarity : 1Rate this: overall quality1 overall quality : 1Average quality rating by the Stockhouse community. credibility 1 credibility : 1Rate this: usefulness 1 usefulness : 1Rate this: How long does it take 3 suits + assistants to slap together a few powerpoint slides (IE: Corporate presentation) ..... what is the delay? LOL Next weeks' homework will deal with dilution and shorting. Prepare youselves accordingly... PS: My friend who works at a large chip manufaturer is willing to debate Taylor about the magic POET chip so bring it on. He tells me there is stuff in the pipeline that will blow you away. Ever hear of Quantum computing? 5 years away apparantly. Still waiting for the .58 pump to unload.... you girls need to step it up a bit... Read more at