The last half of 2012 witnessed a shift in interest from resource based stories to some appetite towards Biotech stocks. This comes on the back on a great year for US Biotech index, which saw a 33% increase in 2012.

I expect that all Canadian junior biotechs will witness the start of a biotech bubble, which may last for year to come. This reminds me exactly with early 90's when Tech stocks were just getting noticed, then 2003 witnessed the start of the biggest resource rally for most juniors on the TSX venture.

So from a Macro level, Biotech is the place to be in the next few years and obviously, the best performing biotechs are those with the best combination of technology, management, share structure, milestones and revenue growth potential. I have 4 potential stories that fit this profile, and Avivagen is amongst them. We saw great 300% returns with BTI and its no where near over yet. In H2 of 2012, we started seeing a ramp up of iCo, which so far has made us c. 150% from entry and that one has another 500%+ that can be made over the coming few quarters. Then we have Avivagen, a very cheap Biotech, that may surprise many by where it goes from where we started the year (6 million market cap). If the ducks line up as Birchview suggested, I would not be surprised to see Avivagen at 60 million+ market cap by year end and I am being conservative, just because of the number of warrants outstanding.

People entering at such levels will be handsomly rewarded IMHO.