There are several things to come over the next six months that should accelerate investor interest in VIV.  The next Teva order should come anytime. They should also get the cat formulation of the oximunol in the following months with an order from Teva/Bayer sometime potentially next quarter.  The actual product launch would follow that by a couple of months (I think the order-delivery time is about 2 months).  I think they''ll refocus on getting a distribution deal done in another geography in the new year - Europe or Australia or somewhere - this would basically double the near-term potential on the consumer product side IMO.  With the announcement today, I'm hoping there's news on a deal with a group from Asia or Latin America on the food animal side - it shouldn't take much to sign an MOU with a potential partner, the follow-through takes longer of course. They'd have to get approvals from the countries where they'd ship product and then sign distribution deals.  We're also still waiting to hear on the studies to be published in scientific journals which will help to validate the science of OxC-Beta in the eyes of the industry.  Add all these things up: there's a whole lot to come over the next six months, definitely more than we've seen in the previous six. I'm happy to be long and am buying more down here.