I think so, the Board has been seeing information since October and probably worked through Christmas. I think Ecometrix wore out the welcome mat at YESAB and if the Yukoners want construction to start this spring, the decision has to come now.

Because its a joint Yukon/Federal board this is the only decision needed, the Quartz licence and water board permits can be issued immediately.

Bottom line is Eagle is a go and Kinross has to make a decision. I believe that decision will be 1 Kinross share for 10 Victoria with some cash for the non Canadian holders. Cash payback of construction costs to Kinross is 2 years and 3.5 - 4 years all in. This is a no brainer to the Finance folks at Kinross and adds Kinross shares to Sun Valley's existing holdings.

Lots more gold in the Dublin Gulch and Fort Knox's impending closure are additional reasons why Kinross has to do this deal.