Maybe that was to pessimistic, Gold Royalties payed 9 m for about 1% of annual production. If they sell 18% of annual production at same price as Gold Royalties the get the $160 that they need (according to the latest presentation. So maximum amount is 18%


That deal was made at $1600/oz gold, price now about $1720 and hopefully it will rise more in december before they sign any royalty. That can take the percentage down to 15% of annual production. 


Another factor is that the royalty companies are in competition and there are not many mines the size of Eagle in safe jurisdictions. They have large amounts of cash with only limited amount of projects to invest in, that can take it down even lower, say 10% best case, that would be awsome!


With Roshchild as financial advisors I'm confident Victoria will get the best price possible.