Well Silvercat, I'll I was saying is that a $6M dollar sale doesn't seem like much for an average miner or publically traded company, but for VIT, it represents 10% of their Enterprise Value.....which is acutally a pretty sizeable sale. 

Cash burn remains an issue, but I am assuming we DO hear news (a PR) on firm financing in the next 4-6 weeks.   WIth that news, and final permits coming, we setup for the next leg up. 

Judging from your distaste and negative attitue toward the company, my guess is that next leg up will still not make you whole, and that's a shame.  

I contend however, that this dip in the Physical metals is a BUYING opportunity, and the long term upward channel remains intact.  We see $1900+ gold, before we see $1500 gold.............and we see $.40 VIT before we see $.20 VIT in my estimation.

Good things coming.