Every  4 or 6 months I'll look at this tragic company and it's history , it's got a steady flow of cash some properties with potential  a solid cash position in the bank , so what gives why is this company going no where , well if you took the time and go to my prior postings you will discover a pattern of lack of bussines expierence by the existing managament team whom I in the past refered to as " ALIBABA AND THE SEVEN DWARFS" , they produce nothing ,have no marketing skills , do not uderstand the venture markets , no leadership from there Ceo ("ALIBABA") but most clearly a lack of brain cells , buttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt on one thing they are prefectly clear they know how to get there sore butts out of bed every friday around noon  to go to the office and write there pay cheque's and expences --- and you know what -----it's your money----- they don't care about you the share holders so if you dream about a turn around well boys and girls dream on it won't and can't happen with this bunch. If you ever have a chance go by a welfare line on the end of the month you will and can see the same type of  brain dead , they know everthing ,they will resolve all worldly problems but produce nothing  sounds familar , hello your management team has the same trait marks but on one thing there both very clear ------entitlement---- is there common but misguided goal. So dream on little lambs it wil all come true in yor dreams.