Alone, it's probably best that you did leave.  Seriously.  It seems you got to the point where you couldn't take it any more and just blurted out a bunch of stuff.  It happens, especially when we think we've been duped or defrauded.  Hey, sometimes you have to scream (possibly an obscenity?) at the top of your lungs, get over it and move on.  But, before I post something that might look irrational on a bulletin board, I wait until I settle down and double check it before posting it.  It just makes sense.  Anyway, good luck on your other investments.


Back to UZZ...Like I mentioned in an earlier post, it seems to me that Fredy has turned the company around, mostly by exercising excellent expense control.  Furthermore, there have been lots of positive news releases lately.  I think one catalyst for driving the price forward will be to see all that positive news get translated into bottom line success.  If that happens, then the pent up underlying value in the company's financials should be unleashed and we should see significant price appreciation.  And I'm not just talking about a double.


Anyway, the current price would seem to be very, very low indeed.  Someone will make good money from here, methinks.