Only few months ago there was such a hype with uranium stocks. All the experts told us that the price of Uranium must go up and market forces will drive the price up up up. Now the same "experts" are telling us that Uranium is doomed, there is enough supply to keep prices down and pessimism is the right mood. Good investors ignore the noise. I sold my holdings in UWE at 19-21 cents because the price of uranium doesn't know how to read newspapers and dare not to listen to experts, and it continued to slip regardless the common sense. I bought today and will buy tomorrow and double my holdings, since now the news are terrible and read my lips- in no time (2-3 months ) this experts will have new transcripts - and cheap stocks that they buy now. It might go down by another 20%, but now is the time to overcome the fear. When the experts tell you buy you should sell, when they tell you sell- you should think about buying.