This one looks like a winner. Right now it should be trading at around 10 cents. The company seems to be well managed. They are having some problems generating income, so they have farmed out part of the asset to get the ball rolling. Smart move in my opinion. Other companies would sit around waiting on additional financing letting the momentum fall off  and incur additional debt. It seems they are trying to rebuild the momentum lost during the cliff fiasco. I see it popping up to the .10 to .12 cent range fairly quickly. They have a lot of cash in reserve and their balance sheet looks good. They can carryout operations without incurring winterization costs etc. Downside for me is that they are milking already tapped wells and previously explored areas... chances of becoming the next beverly hillbillies are quite low, though the executive compensation is high enough that I am sure they don't mind too much... another interesting play in Arizona - Check out ABV.V not the same industry but a lot of cash on the books..., no reason for the stock to be down as growth potential is relatively high.