Rara Tierra: The US DoD doesn't have a lot of choices. Stockpiling from Chinese sources is a temporary fix subject to Chinese whims. Lynas is a light rare earth producer and they're a ways away from getting their Duncan deposit mined for heavies with a myriad of other customers to supply before the US gets a share if any. US DoD demand isn't that great in comparison to the US automotive, lighting, high tech, and alternative energy industries. You clearly are not understanding the strength the US demand that can't and won't be met by mines on other continents. Location matters, the choices are few and Lynas sure as hall ain't one of them. The US might buy from Canada if Quest or Avalon gets the billion dollars each it will take to build their mines, a better bet for Japanese money than the preposterous concept of deep sea mining but so far as easy pickens go for hree's, Bokan is about the easiest going in the Northern hemisphere. A big turbine maker like GE is going to grab it. Ford and GM are going to want a piece also. How do I know. THEY DON'T HAVE A CHOICE! The US is the largest industrial nation per capita by far and when it comes to industrial and national security, Chinese minerals ain't gonna cut it much longer. You assume liquid international markets subject to unencumbered forces of supply and demand but that's not how it works. It's not about basket prices and economics. It's about politics. That's why bean counters don't run things. That's why engineers don't run things. It's more than spread sheets and technical problem solving.