Nothing more than aggregate risk appetite world wide. The CDNX is just coming off it's second bounce off serious lows in Dec. This is one of the most ugly charts I have seen and anyone holding long the index for past few years has suffered incredible percentage loss.  It is rare that any single share can be an island unto itself and no matter how terrific the story and potential is.  The fact that in percentage terms, Ucore lifted off a solid bottom early last year and led the rise in REE sector is incredible. From sub  .25 to .46 to .50  is percent wise huge for a Canadian share in 2012.

Currently, the SP is taking a consolidation break and forming a nice declining wedge with .40 on bottom straight line across and looks like another few weeks or months before a resolution up or down. ( my best guess is depends on how good news releases are )  On the more important longer term chart of 2 years, there is a RHS bullish look with a neckline at around .60. If it breaks that, then there is all the possibility in the world it would try for it's projected price of $1 even.  Of course micro caps do move mainly on news, so TA is just a bit of a guide.

In any case, the future news appears positive, the TA is lining up positively and hopefully the CDNX index and REE sector have made positive bottoms.  I see that GWG has caught some bids after hitting a low, so that also is good news for the sector.

My personal guess is that Ucore will find greater bullish enthusiasm in buyers once resource is upgraded to indicated, as many covering analysts don't even look at inferred resources seriously. And progress to Feasability and permitting will attract more institutional investment. This could easily end 2013 with another consecutive 100% gain. That would be good progress for 12 months MHO.