I would say that is pretty good observation Klhdan.  And yes, within a 6 month view we are in good shape. For a firmer view ( long term patterns and charts are generally more reliable )  there is the upsloping look if you connect all peaks and do the same on bottom line. The current price is below the main channel, but no problem, we are still deeply oversold. Once we re-enter the main channell, we have lots room before we are even semi full valued. This look on charts does suggest $2 plus.

if and when it moves into full valuation or eventually overbought. It could be 1 to 3 years.  I think actual production and meeting all the prerequisites prior would eventual contribute to that higher price. Meaning, solid, economical feasability study, all necessary permitting, more proven and indicated resources, acceptable plan for disposing of all tailings and mining footprint ( a problem with other rare earth miners) and a couple acknowledgments and acceptance by US Defence department, a couple big well known end users funding part of the plant and mine.

If all the above gets done and makes the investment markets happy and the prices for heavy rare earths goes up. Plus the demand for HREE's increases to outstip supply as mentioned in the EPA report, the perfect storm can happen for this company and $3 might not be out of the question.