Well said Karl, I was wondering the same. In fact I have a ghost of Swifter message to share:

I made money playing the hype because that's all we've seen so far in reality. Aside from the initial core studies, they haven't shown anything...zero, zilch, nada. A lot of press releases covered by The Safe Harbor Act and nothing more. Could it be just another penny stock scam? Only the insiders know for sure at this time. Even if it isn't a scam, I think they're over-estimating what's in the ground, and I believe that's why the PEA was delayed three times already. I think they were desperately looking for better numbers after rare earth prices dropped, and the only way to do that is to try to recover what's there more cheaply and efficiently. I have my doubts...sounds too much like snake oil. Contrary to what the Dopinator says, they don't own the technology, and if it really works, any other company could license it as well. It's no secret that other deposits are far larger than Ucore's.