Ahhhh......once again you've painted yourself into a corner HypeyPoo.  UC's growth potential is substantial whether you like it or not.  I see you're not playing with a full deck or you just can't bring yourself to admit your were dead wrong sunshine!   So the tenor of your BS has gone from UC would have to dilute to UC is now self-sustaining!  Many of us here attempted to bring that to your attention.  You've done NO DD here, you own ZERO UC shares, you've never been in contact with management and you continue to contradict yourself.  Once again you can insult me all you want......I didn't care before.......I don't care now......and I won't care later either.


So sunshine what's your take on the mine life being extended by 3 years following the reworking of the tailings pond?     What did you think of UC being profitable?     Now be a good little miscreant and answer the question.  Ivana