Thanks for weighing in Hoov.  HypeTroll only has himself to blame.  He bought UC at the wrong time, lost his shirt and continues to spew BS on a daily basis.  I'm thrilled with the progress UC has made.  Sorry Hype but UC is a silver producer.  Even without commercial production being declared, UC generates very, very healthy revenue and is self funding.  You don't get self funding silver plays for even under $0.25.  UC is certainly a diamond in the rough. 


HypeTroll when you've been as wrong as you have, you apologize.  Or at the very least you just shut up and go away.  Now you're back to posting garbage from 6 or 7 years ago.  You know jack squat about the current operations.   I don't care what Hamelin did.  He's gone.  I wasn't shareholder until 2012 and I've been buying furiously over the past few weeks.


So Hype you asked if I'm happy with my investment decision.  The short answer in YES.  My cost average is virtually the same as the bid and we've survived relentless selling from two firms.  One firm was for sale and the other was acquired.  Nether company had any desire to get the best price they could.  CIIH is out of shares and I hope the other is also out of shares but I don't know that for a fact.  Your statement that UC would need to dilute this spring is post worthy of the hall-of-shame.  UC is terrific value at even under $0.25.  EP