Why do you all refuse to post some existing numbers or estimates regarding the milling operation. This is the key determinant as to whether UC is a good investment or not. I am genuinely curious what your estimates of grade, recovery rates, sustaining capital and operating costs per tonne are....I have previously laid out why currently you cannot call UC self-sustaining based on operating performance the last few quarters (I did provide numbers from the financial statements). I expect with commercial production this could change to a positive operating cash flow, but based on the historically used grade and recovery rates in old calculations (which are lower in fact so far), I would like those that have done "DD" to indicate what they are using to come up with an informed estimate.

Let's stop the personal barbs, and get down to some real numbers. The silver price articles are nice and all, but that is really only one part of a much bigger equation. Otherwise, just invest in a silver ETF and call it a day.