The reality is UC has predominantly 2 sellers since our September high of 6 cents. 

The first seller was no secret. It was Consolidated International Investment Holdings (CIIH).  CIIH was liquidating many positions due to the change of ownership. 

After some correspondence and many back and forth's through inbox's, it appears we know the identity of anonymous.  Anonymous has relentlessly been selling into the bid driving the SP slightly lower.  Here's your chance Hype.  Tell us who anonymous is?  Impress us all!  I'll give you a clue, they were acquired recently and is it not CIIH.  CIIH has no more shares. 


Hype's quote

I think the market pretty much has it right on this stocks valuation with present conditions.


That statement is disingenuous and laughable.  The "market" he speaks of has been almost exclusively two sellers.  One who sold due to the company being sold and the other due to an acquisition.  There have been some small sells along the way.  Possibly stop losses, retails who got nervous or traders who rely on "black box" trading.  (Vectorvest would be an example). Hype wouldn't be able derive a valuation for UC or any other juniors.  He's full of hot air.