My potty mouthed posts???  Too rich to be believed!  This coming from the poster who on SEVERAL occasions has resorted to ethnic slurs.  Wow!  Take a took at HypeyPoo's posts and tell me I write potty mouthed posts.  Never ending comedy here from the RY pumpers/UC bashers.


Sorry Yawnio but you were caught in another lie.  There is NO chart that supports your claim of an 8 month appreciation in the SP of MFC that you stated.  Get some help from your new friends HypeyPoo, Monty & WR and post the chart yourself.  .....or get some help period! You're not letting this go.  Are you ashamed of your lies and support of fraudulent activity?  Sounds to me like someone has a guilty conscience.


What happened to your promise that you wouldn't post here anymore?  Yet another lie.  Ivana