Since you seem to have time away from your running and skiing and pumping, iwana,  post the MFC chart like you stated you would. Or was it just another bullying threat from you; business as usual. Your problem, iwana, and the problem of the rest of your pumping clowns is that occasionally you run up against posters who call you on your pumps and the lies that you post and won`t be intimidated by your potty mouthed posts.

As far as honest, ethical company executives why don`t you explain the pumping clowns support,ie pump, of Encore Renaissance. How many speculators did that management con with all their greasy tactics, and yet the pumping clowns were in there telling anyone gullible enough to believe their lies what a good, timely investment it was. How did that one turn out, iwana?

And what is funny to me is that the pumping clowns are critical of other peoples actions when they continually post in a dishonest fashion with no transparency in the positions they take and the prices they sell at. iwana`s recent, mini-pump and dash at RHR being another example of this lack of transparency. Oh and iwana if you want me to stay away from posting here, try posting honestly for a change.