"Truth hurts doesn't it Ivana."


By truth you mean lies?  There's never been a shred of truth from you.....ever.  Just one fib after another.  .....and a fair bit of anger.  How can it hurt when you're in over your head with most posters here.   You're not very good at bashing are you?   I'm still waiting for any of your posts regarding UC from 2006.  Well at least the truth came out that you have at least one alias.....or do you.  Prove it sunshine.  More comedy please.


As for the rest of your post........ZZZZZZZ.......yawn.......boooring......a sure fire cure for insomniacs everywhere!  You were given the chance to engage others alleged "meaningful conversation" and you failed miserably, once again.  That is why no one reads your posts OR talks to you.  You're completely useless.  Ivana