Sorry HypeyPoo but it's time to take out the trash and the trash is clearly YOU.  Many of the posters here stated UC would be self-sufficient, have no need for dilution, would acquire more tailings for the mill, a growth story, etc....  The posters here were correct and you 100% wrong due to poor or no information.


Rather than preach your opinion, it would be better for you to LISTEN (for a change) to much more knowledgeable posters than yourself and your cast of misfit aliases.  How do you sleep with yourself after such a shameful display of stupidity?   You have contributed nothing to the UC thread.  Just an endless string of potty mouthed insults and you have been the clear leader in having posts removed.  Ivana


PS If you're going to make a stab at insulting another poster and his English could at least spell the insult correctly.  At the very least, there should have been an apostrophe between the i and the two l's.


Your quote, "Hey low note...

Since you're too chickenchit to hear a reply privately ill post publicly. 


I didn't say I was ignoring you but that you pretend to ignore others which is basically another one of your BS stories. You're too busy maintaining all your aliases you've lost track which ones have whom ignored. Again zero credibility for you with English obviously a second language for you."


Very classy to boot!  ....and lastly no one is required to respond to your garbage.