What a bunch of BS Gary. Patience? Try telling that to the folks that bought this stock years ago and are still bleeding the losses they incurred because this operation was less than up front about the prospects under your predecessors. I remember Voisin making similar claims a few years back and look where that got people. Not very far indeed. 

The statement that you shouldn't require further dilution sounds pretty vague. Not exactly confident sounding and your balance sheet is beginning to look pretty ugly with the McFaulds proceeds drying up. I'm not sold on the concept further dilutive action wont be required. That is if history is any indicator. 

It's taken 7 years for UC to reach some level of production on a mine that was promised to be up and running in 2008. The fact that you brag about bringing the expertise on board now after all theses years just reinforces the view that management in the past here were jerking investors around quite intentionally or just through laziness.  Its a little late now to rave on how 2013 will be great in the absence of TANGIBLE results and I think I speak for many investors when I say we will have to wait and see what you deliver in the coming months beyond these smoke and mirrors feel-good messages to shareholders which is a staple of UC

if you read these forums then I'm sure you can appreciate how fed up people have become and that the excuses have run out for you guys.  Pretty embarrassing to lead a company trading at the bottom of the barrel that hasn't even recovered to a third of its previous highs during the heyday.