Thanks HH, it is good to read that others (you, Monty and WR and others perhaps)  see through their pumping theatrics. In fairness to readers here genuinely interested in UC and other PM companies I will candidly say that I know nothing about UC and little about PM metals companies as investments. And while my harsh words for the pumping clowns might appear that I`m against such investments, I`m not. I recognize that a penny stock well chosen will return multiples of what my approach can garner over the short term. Over the long term the approach I use tends to swing the pendulum a bit more my direction because it is likely to result in a more constant return that builds over time.

Ironically perhaps, the first equity investment I ever made many years ago was a gold stock, Eldorado Gold, which I bought for around $5/share. Had I not sold it, at a small loss as I recall, I could have realized a nice return on that investment. One of a few mistakes I have made investing.

Though the pumping clowns accuse me of being a bank shill, they misunderstand or feign misunderstanding. I use a dividend focused approach foremost. In Canada the available choices for such an approach tend to be financials, ie companies that have long histories of paying dividends, increasing the dividends they pay and trading at attractive yields on occasion.

When income trusts were readily available, I was much less concentrated in financials but the Tory gov`t of the day essentially destroyed the income trust model. I would like nothing better than to have a wider selection of companies beyond financials that would work in a dividend focused approach.

Anyway too many non UC related posts on this board from me. Just be wary of the pumping clowns in all their guises, they have no compunction about what they post if it furthers their goal and I have witnessed them being wrong many times before irrespective of what their fictitious public portfolios would have you believe.