Congrats YappyYannio, as you just broke HypeyPoo's record for most boring post.  Now everyone on the UC thread can clearly see where HF coined the moniker Yawnio.  More comedy please.


Your quote, "The facts are I owned and sold MFC a long time ago. I bought it around $16/share, held it for 8 months and sold it for about $42/share. The reasons I sold it then were the rapid price increase leading to a nice profit and I needed the money for an expense I had", is simply laughable.  MFC spent an entire 3 days trading over $43 when it peaked.  You're telling everyone you just happened to sell almost at the top???  You put the "bull" in bullboards mon ami!  Too rich to be believed.


Newsflash for you Yawnio but there was never an 8 month period in the history of MFC where the SP went from $16-ish to $42-ish.  NEVER!!!  Yet another lie.  You've been caught once again.  I'll post a historical chart if you'd like.


Yes Yannio keep the classless RY pumping going here on the UC thread.  You're a credit to RY pumpers everywhere.  Now go buy a soda with your fictitious profits.  The fact that you even believed Yawnio's garbage, shows how gullible you are HypeyPoo.  I guess small things amuse small minds.  Ivana


BTW  I'm  just a little disappointed there has been no commentary on the RY articles that have been posted.  Cat got your tongues?